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Basquelaine 'A' of Intention Hill
whelped June 19, 2011
UKC Ch Matti Deabei x SAR Cert Basquelaine Cat On The Scent "Savannah"
co-bred by Kelley Hoffman (Basquelaine) and Tracy Wessel (Intention Hill)

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for information about this litter.

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Basquelaine & Intention Hill

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8 Puppies were born June 19th, Father's Day. Five girls, three boys. Updates and evaluations are posted on the blog! Additional photos are posted on the Facebook Page.

Puppies have lovely drives and temperaments and correct structure. There are 5 greys/sables and 3 Red/Fawn.

There are 6 puppies with very solid SAR potential by early evaluation, and the other two showed great promise for detection if not SAR - great promise and drive in ALL the puppies from this litter.

2 Puppies have gone to Basquelaine to continue the breeding program there, Blue Boy ("Vallon" Basquelaine Amsterdam of Intention Hill, and "Lourdes" Basquelaine Alluring of Intention Hill).

Red Girl (Basquelaine Aanandi of Intention Hill) was chosen to remain with Intention Hill. Her character is exceptionally stable, and she presents just a lovely presence. Aanandi has been showing periodically in regional areas, and was Reserve Winners Bitch at the ABTC 2013 National Specialty in Portland, Oregon. Due to an injury to her tongue, and her heavier coat, I did not choose to start Aanandi in SAR. SAR dogs need to have great heat tolerance, and Anandi is disadvantaged in that area. Aanandi was bred in 2015, and produced the C Litter of Intention Hill.

Orange Boy (Basquelaine Anuraag of Intention Hill) went to Canada to train in Agility and Rally. He earned his CGN and HIT very early on, as well as many Disc Dog titles, including his Disc Dog Championship. Anu (Novak) became the Regional Champion in 2014. Unfortunately he sustained a serious injury while in the care of a sitter. The injury prevents him from continuing in agility competition, and might have ended all his sports endeavors. However, after a year off, and lots of swimming, Novak is competing again in Disc Dog. He has also begun Sporting Detection (SDDA) competition in 2016, and is showing the same excellent detection skills of his mother and other relatives that work in SAR and detection. Novak is a social and friendly dog.

Aqua Boy (Basquelaine Amal of Intention Hill) went to a companion home in Montana. The home also serves as a sanctuary for wolves. There he has served in helping to tame, medicate and rear some of the sanctuary wolves. Mulder is a very social and friendly dog, with a high level of empathy for people and animals which are infirm.

Green Girl (Basquelaine Abhithi of Intention Hill) was initially available for sale, but I didn't find the kind of home I wanted for her. She is all athlete, and can be both a lot of dog, and a mamma's girl. In 2016, I decided to send her to live with a family that has a dog from my B Litter. They train that dog in agility, and may train Abhithi in agility also. I had started to train Abhithi in SAR, and she initially showed great promise. She started to waver in her commitment, and had no signs of illness in her extensive medical workup. Since she could also demonstrate some pack dominance, I decided a home where she could fulfill the wish of her new owner, to have a dog completely devoted to her, and possibly train in agility, was the greatest blessing I could give Abhithi. She has only one other dog to contend with, "Thor" Bashir of Intention Hill, and they are great friends. Thor is a daddy's boy, so this gives both husband and wife a dog to call their own.

Yellow Girl (Basquelaine Aarti of Intention Hill) now resides in Long Island NYas a family companion. The family aspires to work with her in therapy venues. Aarti is a perfect sweet dog for this family. She is gentle with them, an important trait since the two daughters never had dogs before. Aarti showed tremendous maternal instincts, and raised the B Litter as a nanny for Savannah. Savannah would nurse them, then Aarti would take over. Aarti was kind to all people while in my care, but was not as open to other dogs, without being aggressive.

Pink Girl (Basquelaine Ashwini of Intention Hill) remains at Intention Hill, and is many things to me. She is mostly my sidekick - I can take her anywhere, including the sheep pens. She is a lovely, gentle soul. I have and had many aspirations for Pinkie, such as Conservation Detection, Obedience, Rally and Freestyle. She is a delight to live with. She is soft, but high drive, and fairly hectic. She learns very fast, moves very swift, and is very much like a Border Collie. She has strong "eye" for a Belgian, though in herding terms, she'd be quite soft and need a supportive handler to build her confidence. So far, I have competed in Rally with Pinkie. She is my first dog to compete in any form of obedience with. She has earned her Rally Novice, and needs one leg of Rally Advanced.Savannah

Matti (DN21041502)


Savannah (DN18504001)

CERF Normal 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 BT-357220

A Litter Health Record

UKC Ch. Matti Deabei x Basquelaine Cat On The Scent, SAR cert.
born June 19, 2011

Puppy Testicles BAER CERF Hips Elbows Cardiac Thyroid Teeth Notes
Red Girl (Aanandi) n/a bitch +/+ Normal/Clear
2012, 2013, 2016
OFA Normal
Full dentition, scissors sable, mild parvo @ 6 months, full recovery
Pink Girl (Ashwini) n/a bitch +/+ Normal/Clear



    Full dentition, scissors mahogany, parvo @ 6 months, full recovery
Purple Girl (Alluring) n/a bitch +/+           Full dentition, scissors sable, fx left femur
Aqua Boy (Amal) 2 +/+ Normal
    Full dentition, scissors sable
Green Girl (Abhithi) n/a bitch +/+ Normal/Clear Good
    Full dentition, scissors mahogany, parvo @ 6 months, full recovery
Orange Boy (Anuraag) 2 +/+ 7/2012 Dx with Pannus, both eyes.         Full dentition, scissors sable,
Small break or malformation in tail, no affectation, Fx knee/stifle Autumn 2013,
amputation of Fx legged expected 2016
Yellow Girl (Aarti) n/a bitch +/+ Normal/Clear Excellent
    Full dentition, scissors mahogany, Soft tissue injury to back and pelvis, 12 weeks, parvo @ 6 months, full recovery
Blue Boy (Amsterdam) 2 +/+           Full dentition, scissors


Health Records of Relatives

Non-OFFA Health Records of Relatives Has Been Removed
due to an inability to obtain accurate data from conflicting websites, including breeder and public record sites,
conflicting correspondence and/or a lack of desire by breeders to publicly disclose.

Ch Domburg Dressed to Impress at Talamo "Rumer" x s. Jch. Anee Oridix
born xxx, 2006

Dog Testicles BAER CERF Hips Elbows Cardiac Thyroid   Notes
Sire's Litter, Bred by Ing. Beata Stybrova
Maiko Deabei 2 (altered 2011) +/+ 2008   0/0 FCI "A" 2008 0/0 FCI "A" 2008       66cm, seizures following car accident , 5/2011. Castration 8/2011. Sired 2 litters: 2009 x Ysel Comme un Reve Noir-G), 2010 x Ischa Dog Arabat

Matti Deabei

2 +/+ 2010 Neg 2008 Good Normal       4 litters: 2008 x Genesis Basquelaine Catherine Crier (5+2), 2011 x Basquelaine Cat On The Scent (3+5), Basquelaine Winning Colors (5+3), Basquelaine BigMtn Peek-A-Boo (1+0)
Ich. Ch. Jch. Klch.
Moloko Deabei
2 +/+ 2007 Neg 2009 0/0 FCI "A" 2007 0/0 FCI "A" 2007      

66/67cm, IPO, 3 litters: 2008 x Phierra van Lamar, 2009 x Q Vileminne Sixty Six, 2009 x Coleen Dean Briesberi,

Muko Deabei 2   Neg 2008, 2009 0/0 FCI "A" 2008 0/0 FCI "A" 2008      

2 litters: 2008 x Hexen House Lovah, 2009 x Mustantuiskun Zerina

*Castrated 2010 due to chronic underweight, **died June 27, 2012 tumors in colon or small intestinal cancer

Mali Deabei (Canada)
n/a +/+ 2010   Good Normal       1 Litter by Tripp Deabei (G): Spayed 2011 due to complications of whelping
Ch. Jch.
Maud Deabei
n/a +/+ 2008 Neg 2009, 2011 0/0 FCI "A" 2007 0/0 FCI "A" 2007       58 cm, bred 3 times, no whelps (1 absorbs, 2 didn't take)
Mima Deabei
n/a +/+ 2008 Neg 2011 0/0 FCI "A" 0/0 2008       KCHBO, bred twice, 2011 (didn't take), 2012 Zealous Juvell z Kovárny, IPO3 (not yet whelped)
Minea Deabei
n/a +/+ 2007 Neg 2008, 2009 0/0 FCI "A" 2008 0/1 FCI "B" 2008      

Spondylosis Negative, BH, CSAU, TAN

2 litters: 2010 by Kuunsirpin Jovial Joker "D-Ketunpolun"(2+2) (1 puppy epilepsy 1/2012, euthanized 3/2012), 2011 by Prot Deabei (0+2)

Mitra Deabei n/a               no data
Ich. Ch.
Mupps Deabei
n/a +/+ 2008   0/0 FCI "A" 2008 0/0 FCI "A" 2008       Qualified for Crufts 2009,

2 litters: 2009 by Paco Deabei (3+3), 2012 by Corsini di Capo (3+4)
Dog Testicles BAER CERF Hips Elbows Cardiac Thyroid Teeth Notes

Health of Grand Dam & Siblings (from, whelped 2001

OURAL de la Fureur du Crépuscule x OTTIRA de la Prairie de la Sommmerau
(note) dam OTTIRA de la Prairie de la Sommmerau produced 1 epileptic puppy by AQUILA del Segadal

Anee n/a BAER test -/+ (left ear deaf/right normal) PRA - neg HD 0/0 – FCI "A" (CZ)       complete dentition, scissors bite

No epilepsy

Died June 2016 14.5 years old

Work results: ZZO (obedience), Character test of KCHBO - 99 points/100 max.
ZOP (obedience) - 95 points/100 max., LA1, LA2, LA3 (agility)
18th place on European Championship in dogfrisbee in Germany
Czech Champion in dogsfrisbee 2007 - CZ


n/a +/+ Normal Good Normal      

† 15.09.2010 - stomach and pancreas cancer

No epilepsy

Work results: ZZO, ZOP (obedience), ZM (tracking, obedience, biting)
Character test of KCHBO - 83 points/100 max.

Alassio 2 +/+


PRA - neg.


HD BT-4080E24M-PI – FCI "A" (Canada)

Normal     complete dentition, scissors bite

† 26.03.2012 - hemothorax (cause unknown)

No epilepsy

Amper 2   PRA - neg. HD 0/1 – FCI "B" (Hungary)       complete dentition, scissors bite

No epilepsy

IPO1 (tracking, obedience, biting), agility A2, A3
Character test for working dogs in Hungary, CSAU, TAN - excellent +
Winner of Grand Prix Sintava Cup (agility - Hungary)

Angelika n/a BAER test +/+ (normal/normal)   HD 0/0 – FCI "A" (Poland) ED - FCI "A"     missing 1xP2 down, scissors bite No epilepsy


UKC Ch Matti Deabei x Genesis Basquelaine Catherine Crier
born 10/18/2008

Dog Testicles BAER CERF Hips Elbows Cardiac Thyroid Teeth Notes
Half Siblings , Adventure Litter Bred by Kelley Hoffman and Kate Stephenson
"Phantom" Genesis-BasqueLaine The Phantom 2   Normal 2011 Good Normal        

"Feather" Genesis-BasqueLaine Scent of Danger

n/a   Normal 2011            
"Mystery" Genesis-BasqueLaine Miss Marple n/a   Normal 2011            
"Dragon" Genesis-BasqueLaine Dragonslayer NAP NJP 2                
"Chase" Genesis-BasqueLaine Hot Pursuit 2                
"Remus" Genesis-BasqueLaine Aventine Hill)                  
"Ike" Genesis-BasqueLaine Braveheart                  


UKC Ch Moloko Deabei x xxx
bornxxx, 200x

Dog Testicles BAER CERF Hips Elbows Cardiac Thyroid Teeth Notes
"Cousins", Bred by Piia Solonin


UKC Ch xxx x Mima
bornxxx, 200x

Dog Testicles BAER CERF Hips Elbows Cardiac Thyroid Teeth Notes
"Cousins", Bred by Natalie Vivian and Lana Bond

Domburg In Envy "Jordan" x Anee Oridix, bred by Ing. Beata Stybrova
born June 9, 2005

Dog Testicles BAER CERF Hips Elbows Cardiac Thyroid Teeth Notes
"2nd Generation Cousins", Bred by Beata Stybrova (Kennel Deabei)
2 +/+ 2008 Neg 2007 0/0 FCI "A" 2006       Complete, Scissors

63 cm, FPr.1 (85p), Character Test KCHBO: 80p, 2 litters (2006 x Ch Charlotte Sixty Six, 2008 x Babette Nobby Rock)

Kaspar 2 +/+ 2008 Neg 2008 0/1 FCI "B" 2008 00 FCI "A" 2007     Complete, scissors Bred 2008 x Cousin's La Peral, but not fertile, 1 twisted testicle
s.r.T.s. Ch HJch
2 +/+   0/0 FCI "A" 2006 0/0 2006     Complete, scissors CSAU, TAN Excellent; 7 litters: 2006 x Ch Mongo Mon Freya, 2007 x Mongo MOn Greta, 2007 x Mongo Mon Elda & Mongo Mon Greta, 2008 Viranyosi-Budagyongye Narciszt & arissa Rsistance is Futile & Vilma Moon van de Lamar
Katia n/a -/+ Neg 2007 Good 2007 Normal 2007     Complete, Scissors CGN


n/a     0/0 FCI "A" 2006 0/0 2006     Missing 1xpm2 (right bottom) 60cm, Character Test KCHBO 100p, 1 litter 2008 by Ch Cidd Kid z henrisaru (absorbed)
Kaya n/a   Neg 2006, 2008, 2012 0/0 FCI "A" 2006 0/0 2006     Complete dentition, scissors bite 2 litters: 2007 by Grimmendans Ace, 2009 by Devil the Red Dragon
T. s. Ch. HJch
n/a +/+ 2008 Neg 2006 0/0 FCI "A" 2006 0/0 2006     Complete Scissors CSAU, TAN, 2 litters: 2008 by Visconti Dylan van Moned, 2012 Battise du Chemin des Sourcieres
Kirke n/a +/+ 2007 Neg 2007, 2008 0/0 FCI "A" 2007 0/0 FCI "A" 2007     missing 1xPM2 (Right bottom) 1 litter 2009 by Pjotr Deabei
Kokka n/a +/+ 2008   0/0 FCI "A" 2007       Complete, Scissors 2 litters: 2008 by s.r.Ch Rosewell des Etangs Sauvages, 2010 by Fado van de Hoge Laer








Red Girl: Aanandi
Owner(s): Tracy Wessel
Location: Montana & Oregon

RWB 2013 ATBC National Specialty from Am/Owner class

Aspirations: HRD/Avalanche, IPO
Ashwini Pink Girl: Ashwini
Owner(s): Tracy Wessel (For Sale)
Location: Montana & Oregon

Aspirations: Agility, Obedience, Evidence/HRD or Conservation Detection

Alluring Purple Girl: Alluring "Lourdes"
Owner(s): Kelley Hoffman
Location: Ohio
Aspirations: Agility,IPO, Show, Breed
Amal Aqua Boy: Amal "Mulder"
Owner(s): Marty & Harriet Collier, Tracy Wessel
Location: Montana
Super Companion, Ranch Hand, Harriet's Guardian
Abhithi Green Girl: Abhithi
Owner(s): Tracy Wessel (For Sale)
Location: Montana & Oregon
Aspirations: Agiltiy, Herding, Area SAR
Anuraag Orange Boy: Anuraag
Owner(s): Sandra Lafontaine & Tracy Wessel
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Aspirations: Agility, Obedience, Skijor,Frisbee

Accomplishments: CGN, HIT, DDX, BDD, RN, DDCh

Aarti Yellow Girl: Aarti
Owner(s): Tracy Wessel (For Sale)
Location: Montana & Oregon
Aspirations: Conservation Detection, Therapy Dog
Amsterdam Blue Boy: Amsterdam
Owner(s): Kelley Hoffman
Location: Ohio
Aspirations: Agility,IPO, Show, Breed