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DDACh Basquelaine Anuraag of Intention Hill, CGN, HIT, RN, ADD
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Disc Dog, Agility Dog - Semi-Retired 2013 due to injury, resumed Disc Dog 2014,
RETIRED from Disc Dog Sport (chronic pain from injury)
Sport Detection Dog

Co-Owned by Sandra Lafontaine and Tracy Wessel

Color: Cream/Sable
Weight: 50lbs
AKC Number: DN31923105
DOB: 06/19/11
OFA: Baer +/+
CERF: Pannus (Dx Pannus 7/2012)

Novak is the Orange Boy from the Basquelaine 'A' of Intention Hill litter, a co-breeding by Kelley Hoffman of Basquelaine and Tracy Wessel of Intention Hill. Novak lives in Montreal with Sandra Lafontaine, and is co-owned by Tracy Wessel. He had great early succes in disc dog, earning his Disc Dog Championship in 2013. He earned his Disk Dog achievment (DD) in August 2012, after earning his Retrieval Proficiency Test (RPT) in April. In June, he also participated in the filming of an episode of Animo, deomonstrating his frisbee skills for the show. Animo is a weekly television series focusing on pets, with episodes about medical, training and public interest topics.

Novak was also training in agility, obedience and herding, and completed his Canine Good Neighbor certificate (CKC equivalent to CGC), Herding Instinct Test, and Rally Novice titles.

Novak sustained an injury while in the care of a pet sitter, and this eventually resulted in the amputation of that leg, due to chronic pain. Following the surgery, he had some very concerning issues with his esophagus, and his future became very uncertain. As of November of 2016, he is doing well, and has had no choking in more than a month. He may continue with nosework, but is otherwise, a beloved companion.

Novak was diagnosed with pannus in July of 2012. He began showing symptoms within two weeks of his rabies vaccine, which he had to receive in order to be flown to his new home at 6 months of age (December 2011).

Novak was a dominant male in the puppy pack, second only to his brother Vallon (Blue Boy). He was not one of the big puppies, but he packed a serious attitude. He was first to leap off the top of the stairs into the yard, and showed an early intensity for toys, particularly balls. He is also strong with bite drive. In his early tests on sheep, Novak showed a lovely natural balance, independent of the handler. In his early scent tests, he showed a natural tendency for air scent, and strong work ethic.

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Health Record

BAER +/+


CERF *Pannus
Bite Scissors
Dentition Full Scissors
Other kink in tail from malformed or broken vertebrae

Novak Resume

Sport Date Trial Results Comments
Frisbee July 28, 2013 CDDA Sanctioned Disc Dog Trial
Regional Championship
Saturday & Sunday July 27-28
Day 2, 3rd place with 67 pts, 1st over all 1st overall for CDDA Regional Championship Quebec, Distance!
July 27, 2013 CDDA Sanctioned Disc Dog Trial
Regional Championship
Saturday & Sunday July 27-28
Day 1, 2nd place with 62 pts, DDCh Earned DDCh
May 20, 2013 St-Lazare BDD, 6th and 1st place in two runs. First trial of the season and a bit rusty.
January 6, 2013   DDX and 2nd place, with a score of 50. Great promise.
September 3, 2012 St-Lazare Total now 271pts toward DDX, and two 1st place (65 pts and 55 pts for the day). Comments from the judge include "Novak is a dog who can be number one in Canada!" Needs one more leg for BDD.
August 12, 2012 Compétition frisbee Drummondville 71pts 1st place (Q), DD
53pts, 2nd place
Excellent focus, a real crowd pleaser with lovey comments from the judge
June 30, 2012 St. Lazare 27pts, 3rd place Very windy, hard to throw frisbee, but very focused and enjoyable day with Anu
April 14, 2012   RPT Excellent focus under noisy and distracting environment
Agility May 12, 2013 Club d'agilité de Montréal Standard Jumpers, 1st place, Q  
Herding May 12, 2012 Herding Instinct Test HIT  
Rally/Obedience October 14, 2012 Canadian Collie & Sheltand Sheepdog Association RN Novice A, 88/100 8th place
September 16, 2012 Club Canin Chomedev, 9/16/12 Rally Trial 3 & 4   Novice A, Trial 3, 95/100 2nd place
Trial 4, 98/100 1st place
April 14, 2012   CGN French/Canada equivalent of CGC



July 28, 2013
Novak Day 2, 3rd place, 67 pts

1st place overall for Distance Competition

July 27, 2013
Novak Day 1, 2nd place, 62 pts. and earned DDCh

CDDA Sanctioned Disc Dog Trial
Regional Championship
Saturday & Sunday July 27-28

May 12, 2013
Novak earns a first place and his first qualifying leg in agility, Standard Jumpers, 22".

May 20, 2013
"Novak" Anuraag earned his BDD (Basic Disc Dog) title at St-Lazare. He earned 6th place and 1st place in consecutive runs.

January 6, 2013
Novak earns his DDX and 2nd place with a score of 50.
October 14, 2012
Novak at Canadian Collie & Sheltand Sheepdog Association, 3rd leg for Rally Novice title, score of 88/100 for 8th place.
Cannuk Page
September 16, 2012
Novak at Club Canin Chomedev, 2nd leg for Rally Novice A (98%, 1st place).

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September 16, 2012
Novak at Club Canin Chomedev, 1st leg for Rally Novice A (95%3rd place).

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August 12, 2012
Novak competed in his second Frisbee Trial. He scored 71 pts in his first run for 1st place and a Q (DD) and 53pts and 2nd place in his second run. He and Sandra make an amazing team.

June 30, 2012
Novak competed in his first Frisbee Trial today! Sandra Lafontaine reports that Novak did well at his first frisbee trial. She said it was windy and hard to throw straight, and she had to head to work right after her runs, so doesn't know the results yet. "But im VERY proud of him - good behavior good focus hes just awesome to bring to canine events."

Bravo to both of them, and really wishing that Sandra's throat would stop hurting. Novak, also called Anu, is more formally known as Basquelaine Anuraag of Intention Hill, CGN, RPT, HIT. Sandra, sent to me by Kelley Hoffman, was interested in one of Anu's sisters, but after I watched her working Vega, I had a strong sense that Anu was her dog. It's been a match made in heaven, they are just in love.

I sent him to her at six months of age, a difficult age to travel alone on a plane for a young Belgian boy, but he has really blossomed with Sandra and her community of dog friends. Novak/Anu is from the Basquelaine 'A' of Intention Hill litter by UKC Ch Matti Deabei out of my SAR Cert bitch "Savannah" Basquelaine Cat On The Scent (who is torturing the boys in her standing heat as we speak), bred by Kelley Hoffman and me.

Here are two video links (videos embedded on the right) to Anu's runs at the trial: First Run | Second Run

April 14, 2012, Anu at CGN test, Snac de Sherbrooke
April 14, 2012, Anu at RPT test



©2012 Tracy Wessel