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Basquelaine Ashwini of Intention Hill, CGC, RA, SAR (HRD)
Spayed Bitch
Location: Washington
Trains in obedience & agility
Owner: Tracy Wessel

Color: Red/Mahogany
AKC Number: DN31923104
DOB: 06/19/11
OFA: Baer +/+, BT-5881E24F-VPI, BT-EL3098F24-VPI
CERF: Normal

Pinkie is the Pink Girl from the Basquelaine 'A' of Intention Hill litter, a co-breeding by Kelley Hoffman of Basquelaine and Tracy Wessel of Intention Hill. Pinkie has remained with me at Intention Hill, and is the first dog I've competed in Rally and Obedience with. We've done a small amount of training in Agility, and I hope to continue to learn this sport with her. In October 2016, I started Pinkie in HRD training. I had hoped to train her for Conservation, but the team I was trying to form with colleagues lost impulse do to the difficulties of finding consistent contracts. Pinkie is doing well in her HRD training, and is very detail oriented.

Pinkie is remarkably intelligent, and very Border Collie-like in her presentation. She does everything with fast movements, and is fairly hectic. She has a very high retention of things she's learned, and learns very fast. She has a love of toys and games, a love of running, and moderate prey drive. She is very soft. She has a very fine coat, and not much undercoat. Pinkie is a lover of all people, and both gentle and affectionate. She occasionally helps me with farm chores, and is safe around lambs and chickens, with supervision.

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Health Record

BAER +/+


Hips Excellent
Elbows Normal
CERF Normal/Clear
Bite Scissors
Dentition Full Scissors
Other Parvo, 6 months of age, sick 5 days, full recovery

Pinkie's Resume

Sport Date Trial Results Comments
Foundation     CGC  
Rally 4/18/2015 Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers RN-A Leg 1, 87.0 3rd place
5/22/2015 Spokane Kennel Club RN-A Leg 2, 95.0 4th place
5/23/2015 Spokane Kennel Club RN-A leg 3, 79.0 5th place
8/21-2015 Evergreen Belgian Tervuren Club RA-A Leg 1, 93.0 1st place
8/22/2015 Evergreen Belgian Tervuren Club RA-A Leg 2, 93.0 1st place
5/27/2016 Spokane Kennel Club RA-A Leg 3, 94.0 1st place
Obedience 10/2/2016 Columbia Basin Dog Training Club Novice A Leg 1, 188.0 1st place
SAR 11/10/2017 IPWDA Land HRD Cert First SAR Cert





©2012 Tracy Wessel