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E Litter of Intention Hill
"Brodie" Bajrang of Intention Hill, SAR-W x "Radha" Cantata A av Thargelion
Whelped December 19, 2018

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for information about this litter.

Working Litter Whelped December 19, 2018

Bajrang of Intention Hill, SAR-W

BT-6349G34M-VPI HIPS GOOD, BT-EL3527M34-VPI ELBOWS NORMAL, BT-TH914/34M-VPI Thyroid Normal, Eyes Normal (2015)
Testicles (2), Dentition C/S

Cantata A av Thargelion, SAR

OFA Hips, Elbows, Thyroid pending, Eyes Normal (2015, will recheck), Dentition - scissors, missing two lower pm4

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E Litter of Intention Hill

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This litter is my second opportunity to breed from Savannah's offspring, and my first opportunity to breed Radha. From this litter, I expect a high level of intensity for toy drive, exceptional work ethic, and a range for type, size, coat and outward social reach. Both parents have proven to have high levels of work ethic, heat tolerance, stamina, and biddability.

Radha is from intervariety lines with Malinois, Groenendael and Tervuren, and 50% protection/working lines, and 50% sport/show lines. Her sire is the esteemed Chac Mool C av Nangijala, who himself was part of the Swedish working dog program, and was a champion in search even at 11 years of age. Radha is a softer dog, but not lacking in social confidence, drive or work ethic. Her IPWDA SAR test was a double blind test well over 1.5 miles long, and under difficult terrain and conditions. She successfully trails in both urban and wilderness environments. Radha's siblings compete successfully in IPO, obedience and agility. Radha's mother is from successful ring sport lines, including her great grandfather, the magnificent Orsam de Salte Cabre, MR3, FR3. Orsam was Fr.Ring III, selectif 2003 & 2004, Finalist 2003. Mondioring III, selectif 2005, Finalist in september 2005 - he was the first Groenendael in 25 years to achieve this. Kristine Vinje of Nanduhria Kennels in Norway spoke of him with me, saying "He is just extraordinary! Well balanced with a super social temperament, fantastic working abilities and very strong nerves." Radha's OFA clearances (hips, elbows, eyes, thyroid) are pending. She has normal eyes, and will be tested again before breeding. (Eye exams should be conducted annually).

Brodie is deployed through Lake County SAR in Oregon with his co-owner Gail Collins. He has deployed for numerous searches with resulting finds. He is a thinking dog, very strong willed, which creates some challenge in training, but has resulted in a dog that will work through most any conditions, obstructions, and discomfort. He is dedicated to his handler and his toy, and works independently. He demonstrates appropriate intelligent disobedience in his obedience to odor, and an excessive desire to work.

From a social perspective, Radha's siblings are lovers of all people, as is Brodie's mother Savannah, and several of his siblings. Brodie's father Gabbit does not seek the attention of others in the robust manner that his mother does, but will introduce himself to people, and is polite and stable in all settings. Gabbit's primary interest is his toy, regardless of who is holding it. Gabbit's focus and stability is excellent, so much so that he has participated in numerous Disc Dog exhibitions and events among large crowds, including minor leage baseball events in large stadiums with on field teams. Like his father, Brodie exhibits exceptional biddability and focus under high distraction, and has participated in numerous parades for SAR, and attended many SAR seminars with novel environments and crowds, in addition to his professional SAR duties.

This litter is a working litter. Only homes with proven experience in SAR, detection, sports (IPO, Ring, high level obedience, skijor, etc) or proven highly active lifestyles will be considered. Agility homes will be considered on a limited and case by case basis. Puppies from this litter will not be considered for therapy or PTSD dogs. Socialization, group obedience classes or other classes/training involving wordly experience and enrichment activites are mandatory, and subject to contract enforcement. I am a breeder that expects to be kept informed. This is also subject to contract enforcement. If you are looking for a puppy without breeder involvement, please look elsewhere. References available.

Pedigree for this litter: (You can follow this litter here):

Bajrang of Intention Hill
Gabbit Elmar Slovakia ICh S Ch JCh Prot Deabei, IPO3 Corsini Valentino
Delphine Erlander
Karla z Polytanu (Police Patrol) Crog Vom Further Moor (M)
Yndy z Polytanu (M)
Basquelaine Cat On The Scent, SAR
Gaelera BigMtn Brennerain, SAR
Bergerac Brigadoon
Can CH Klaar Perfect Gaelera HIC
Hexen House Iserah Louky de la Maison du Bois
Tchai van de Hoge Laer

Cantata A av Thargelion

Chac Mool C av Nangijala (GR) CAC, Cérès Gambler of Zoronique (GR) Lann-Morian du Chemin des Dames (GR)
Evita de la Maison des Bois, IPO1 (GR)
"Karma" N.UCh. Black Hawkwind's Mozambique (GR) Fam A'Dams Black Wizard (GR)
Black Hawkwind's A:Nahani (GR)
Fuscienne des Fées d'Ebène (GR) After des Loups Mutins, Ring 3 (TV) Twister des Loups Mutins, FR3 (ML)
Strada des Loups Mutins (ML)
Vans du Chateau du Paradis, FR2, MR1 (GR) Orsam de Salte Cabre, FR3 Fin, MR3 Sel (GR)
Nina du Champ Boulet (GR)


E Litter Health Record

E Litter of Intention Hill
"Brodie" Bajrang of Intention Hill x "Radha" Cantata A av Thargelion
whelped December 19, 2018

Puppy Testicles BAER CERF Hips Elbows Cardiac Thyroid Teeth EP Cancer / Autoimmune Notes
n/a ♀                    
1                   2 testicles at 8 weeks, but one retracted
n/a ♀                    
n/a ♀                    
n/a ♀                    
n/a ♀