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Intention Hill Puppies

Litters Planned for Spring/Summer 2015 and Winter 2015
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Contact Tracy Wessel for more information.

If you are interested in a puppy from me, please contact me via email, with a brief introduction of yourself, and tell me what you are looking for. If I have a puppy that might fit your needs, then I'll ask you to fill out my puppy questionnaire and email it back to me.

It's important to note that when you are looking at the puppies on my site, blog or Facebook page, I am describing my puppies as I see them develop. A puppy that seems quiet and thoughtful may, in fact, be a very serious and hard puppy suitable only for a working or performance home. Sometimes these things are only evident in individual sessions with a puppy. It is also important to be open to dialogue and my suggestions of which puppy fits your needs. I will not place a puppy in a home that I do not feel is a fit for BOTH puppy and handler. Remember I live with my puppies. I know their mother, their sire, their relatives. I have the good fortune of close communication with the breeders of relatives, and many behaviors that I see are very predictive of their future, just as other traits are historically ones they outgrow, as witnessed in previous generations. So I ask you to admire all the photos and videos, poems and stories as deeply as you may, but to not fixate on the puppy that first catches your eye.

My puppies are bred for performance and working homes. They are suitable for Search and Rescue, Herding, Tracking, Obedience, Detection, Nosework, Skijouring, Freestyle, Dock Diving, Disc Dog and other sports. Homes which are not active in appropriate activites for the Belgian Shepherd will not be considered. Puppies with an aptitude for work and sports that are requested for a pet home, will only be placed as such if no working/performance home is available, and only if they are extremely active homes, often with a promise of trying one sporting activity. Homes with leash walking as the only activity will not be considered.

I will only be breeding when I have a desire to produce something to go forward with, and available homes and partners allow, as breeding interferes with my abiltiy to work my adult dogs as they are trained to do. Please see my Working/Breeding Intentions Page for any planned litters..

The puppies will be extensively socialized and handled by both children and adults, and experience many novel textures, odors and environments from the time of birth. They are imprinted with cadaver scent in the whelping box, and receive early neuro, audio and olfactory stimulation. The puppies are all raised inside as part of my family and pack.

The puppies are fed both raw and kibble, and receive no chemical dewormers. They are fed an herbal blend of anthelmintics beginning at 2-3 weeks. The blend includes wormwood, pumpkin seed, black walnut hulls, et. al.

All litters are AKC registered. All puppies are pre-registered with a name based on the litter letter or theme.

Puppies are not sold sight unseen. Puppies are not shipped without the buyer or their agent personnally escorting the puppy in flight.

All puppies are sold on co-ownerships only. This prevents the unauthorized resale and breeding of puppies, which sadly we have seen in the high performance/working dogs in the United States. Sometimes this is due to financial gain, other times people find they are not as committed to sport or work as they originally intended, and rather than return the dog, as contractually agreed upon, they have sold dogs to recoup some of their expenses. In some cases, a puppy may be sold to a potential breeding home on limited registration pending the successful clearances of the dog at two years of age, upon which time the dog will be re-registered on breeding terms.

I will microchip the puppy with an ISO chip, obtain a health certficiate and crate (for those that ship) for each puppy. Discounts and priority are given to proven working homes. Deposits are accepted ($500/non-refundable) towards a litter after the potential buyer is "approved." A deposit form will be sent to the interested buyer after I complete the screening process, which includes reviewing the questionnaire and references.

Puppies may be shipped at 10 weeks. Those shipping by plane will go before 12 weeks. Those going by car may ship later. A vaccination protocol will be agreed upon with the buyer for the best advantage of the puppy. Vaccine free homes will only be considered if the buyer is knowledgeable in herbology, proper use of nosodes, and has established a support network of holistic practioners and advisors to assist should an illness ensue.

For more information email me at