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F Litter of Intention Hill
Lucky du Domaine de Vauroux x Basquelaine Aanandi of Intention Hill, AKC Ptd.

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for information about this litter.

Show/Sport/Working/Companion Litter due January 20, 2019

Lucky du Domaine de Vauroux

BT-6566G36M-VPI Good, BT-EL3740M36-VPI Elbows Normal, 
Eyes Normal (2018)

Basquelaine Aanandi of Intention Hill
(dam of the C Litter of Intention Hill)

BAER +/+ (normal hearing), BT-5877G24F-VPI Hips Good, BT-EL3094F24-VPI Elbows Normal, BT-TH845/49F-VPI Thyroid Normal, Eyes Normal (2015, 2016)


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E Litter of Intention Hill

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This litter brings together the beautiful stable character of Aanandi and the solid characters and balanced drivesof Evelynne Monnereau's Domaine de Vauroux kennels. Aanandi's first litter from frozen semen delivered four offspring with exceptional character. All four puppies are exceptionally friendly, stable and healthy, and seizure free at two years of age. Aanandi was Reserve Winner's Bitch at the 2013 ABTC National Specialty in her very first show. She is major pointed, and shown occasionally. Aanandi's first litter has two offspring participating in obedience and detection. Her daughter Carmella was recently SAR certified to Water Search, meaning that she works from a boat to locate drowning victims. Carmella, a fawn Tervuren, is also training for land HRD, and will begin competing in Rally and Conformation in 2018. Also from the C litter is Chandravathi, a grey (cream) Tervuren, who was exported to the United Kingdom, to Liz Beaumont, and is in training for SAR and obedience. Littermate Christa is a tall, fawn female and is the service and therapy dog for her owner, and also partipates in the owner's sanctuary duties, helping to raise wolf cubs and small animals. Littermate Cygnus is a grey/creme Tervuren, and trains in Rally and Obedience.

From Lucky, I expect a similar character to Aanandi. He is a happy, confident boy, fairly high in prey drive, and lovely structure. He has lovely breed type, and should be a nice complement to Aanandi.

I expect level toplines, good head planes, ample bone, triangular ears, and hope for good shoulder assemblies.

If you are searching for a calm lapdog, this litter will not produce that. My dogs are bred to perform the intended tasks of the breed, and my puppies from Lucky's close cousin Jahn and his first offspring all show exceptional natural herding instincts, high prey drive, and strong minds. Aanandi herself is also a strong female, very focused and devoted, and stable in all environments. Additionally, as described in the standard, I expect that when at play or in the yard, you will see dogs always in motion.

Puppies from this litter will be appropriate for herding, SAR, conformation, obedience, possibly agility, tracking, nosework, possibly IPO. The sire is about 25% working Malinois lines, and the maternal side is consistent for high toy drive, and sociall, happy dogs . A limited number of companion homes will be considered. Agility homes will be considered on a limited and case by case basis. Socialization, group obedience classes and enrichment activites are mandatory, and subject to contract enforcement. I am a breeder that expects to be kept informed. This is also subject to contract enforcement. If you are looking for a puppy without breeder involvement, please look elsewhere. References available.

Pedigrees for this litter::

Lucky du Domaine de Vauroux Garry du Clan de Samara Scheitan du Domaine du Hutteau Laouen de Condivicnum
Opium de Kenatier
Dalwen de Condivicnum Tadorne de Condivicnum
Rouandez de Condivicnum
Guess du Domaine de Vauroux Dalton dit Djinn du Domaine de Vauroux Sabrefield A Class Act with Dealois
Utha de Valldigna
Ella du Domaine de Vauroux Sabrefield A Class Act with Dealois
Utha de Valldigna
Basquelaine Aanandi of Intention Hill Matti Deabei Domburg Dressed to Impress at Talamo Bergerac Blue Knight
Bergerac Sweet Talk
Anee Oridix Oural de la Fureur du Crepuscule
Ottira de la Prairie de la Sommerau
Basquelaine Cat On The Scent, SAR Ch Gaelera BigMtn Brennerain, SAR Ch Bergerac Brigadoon, PT
Klaar Perfect Gaelera
Hexen House Iserah Loucky de la Maison du Bois
Tchai van de Hoge Laer